how we work

The creation of all of our gardens follows a similar process, from the initial client meeting right through to the completion of a unique garden.

design brief

We start with an initial meeting where we discuss your requirements and assess the site's sense of place. From here we will formulate a brief summarising your requirements, how the process works outlining our involvement and fees for undertaking the commission.

Design Brief

site survery

A full site survey and analysis is carried out, taking into account existing topography, buildings, sight lines, surrounding context, features, trees and plants. We would also undertake a full photographic survey.

Site Survey

concept design

The next stage of the process is to draw up our concept proposals using a masterplan and 3D models. When the design has been researched, planned and drawn up to scale we will arrange another meeting to present and discuss the concept ideas.

Concept Design

detailed design

Any changes discussed at the concept stage are implemented, the drawings are then worked up into a finished scaled, full coloured masterplan. This will show all the hard landscaping elements such as terraces, paths and walls. Also, the positioning of trees, structural planting and proposed planting areas. A 3D computer model of the design is also produced to give you a better understanding of the intended spaces.

Detailed Design

planting schemes

Following this (the design) stage additional detailed planting plans and specifications can be produced if required.

Planting Schemes

garden construction

Taking the plans from the design stage through to the construction stage is a very exciting time as this is when the project comes to life. We bring together our dedicated and highly skilled team of landscapers and craftspeople to bring the project through to fruition creating the prefect garden.

Garden Construction